About Zuhoor Alwatan Co.

The Middle East is witnessing a great competition in the industrial and food products, in addition to the economic renaissance that our country is currently undergoing. It is necessary to establish an integrated poultry project based on sound foundations and feasibility study in all fields. The Diwaniyah poultry project is considered one of the largest projects in the Middle East. It is the fourth largest production capacity in the production of table eggs and meat chickens, in addition to filling 30% of the needs of the local market. In the beginning of the eighties this project was built by the German company Lohmann was the “Qadisiyah 2 project” to raise the mothers of the chicken and meat production of broiler chickens, after several years this project was sold to Babel for animal and plant production, but the conditions of the country prevented the optimal use of this site especially it was neglected after 2003, Zuhoor Alwatan Company contracted with Babel to invest this project for 50 years starting in 2014 and has made serious attempts to reconstruct all the facilities of the project in order to restore it to its full capacity A new activity has been added to the project, raising of gg laying chickens to produce table eggs, where it contracted with one of the largest companies concerned with the poultry industry the German company Big Dutchman, which is working to complete this line with regard to fields of chicken husbandry and production fields.

The plant was established by the German company KAHL Expander, Pelletizer and Grinder with a production capacity of 60 tons / hour and a total area of the plant building of 5000 m 2, which can fill the project’s need for feed materials, in addition to the possibility of selling fodder to other fields outside.the project.

The hatchery is made up of 10 sets sufficient to meet the needs of broiler and white chicken fields. The equipment is supplied by the Belgian company Petersime and the latest technology